Substitution/Replacement hack of cs 1.6

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What is substitution/replacement hack in cs 1.6? This is a useful thing for every monitoring owner or everyone who wants to protect their CS builds on PC to have the very best and high-quality server promotion. But there are also people who use the vulnerability in Masterserver to get even more players (unique IPs) and earn more money with minimal investment.

So what is Masterserver replacement hack and how can you deal with it and where can you purchase this function to get a huge number of unique players in your Masterserver?

Several types of substitutions of the following horracter are considered more effective:

1) Substitution is carried out through the cs 1.6 game servers by bypassing the browser via (Motd), since it was closed in the projector.

2) There was also a wave of substitution through the hosts file in the Windows system folder, but this was not fixed by the end, some monitoring administrators clean the host file when installing their cs 1.6 build.

3) There was another wave of substitutions on Steam clients, but fortunately, the Dr.Web antivirus company closed this virus and there were no more substitutions.

And now to the most important thing, if you, who are reading this article, are the owners of the cs 1.6 server monitoring and you have a small number of players in your MasterServer, then you have got where you need to. We offer you to quickly and painfully dial a large number (of unics). All the envy is from the finances you have, because today there is an intense struggle for each player.

The essence of our method is very simple and without any difficulties will help you to recruit up to 30,000 (unique) players to your MasterServer, and maybe even more. Our method of substitution does not apply to a virus program, even Google itself noted that our method is not a virus program, no aetivirus sees malware. When installing the cs 1.6 build, the masterserver is written to the Windows system and stays there forever, which in the end turns out your MasterServer will always remain with the player. If the player wants to delete the cs 1.6 assembly, he will sting it, but the MasterServera address will be registered on all other assemblies that he has on his PC, as well as replace it with new assemblies that he downloads.